When Football, and Business Art finally decide to put on a suite and a long white dress and get married, the wedding is spectacular! The focus is on creativity, success and originality. Here at Red One Sports, we consider the union of Football and Business Art to be a sacred one.

When we launched Red One Sports, we started with a simple mission: to be the number one Football development and management agency globally. But, you can’t achieve that by offering the same old, same old. That is why we don’t just think outside the box, we get rid of the box entirely. With team members from backgrounds in football, entrepreneurship, media, arts, management, investments, and sports development, one box wouldn’t fit us all anyway!

We are a family and we see our players as our extended family. So if one of our players needs support, we will be right there for him! Your success is our success and we work hard to achieve it every single day. We