Position : CO-FOUNDER & CEO

Saif Khayat was chosen one of the Top 10 Best Sports Management Postgraduates in Europe according to SportBusiness, and has worked extensively in football management since his graduation. Having been always in a position to deal between all parties: agents, players & clubs, Saif understands every aspect of Football business. In the meantime he has identified the current trend of football management and how shortcomings of managements to adapt in this day of age mostly hurt the players.

Saif together with the other founders has started RedOneSports management to ensure that management for players is up to date and constantly innovating, testing new approaches while also improving time tested concepts. Today the player represents more than just the games he plays, a player must be a complete and exciting personal brand in order to maximize his opportunities. However it’s hard for long established management companies to adjust rapidly to these transitions. Having the right approach and mindset at our core, we can constantly and rapidly adjust to ever changing football scene.