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With tremendous experience in the entrepreneurship, business and media sectors (USA, Europe, China, MENA), Sharif Higazy ensures the strategy for growth & relationship at RedOneSports. Building up over the years the experience in football and always being a fan of the sport, he is well aware of what the current system is lacking regarding the players and where the trend is going. And given the fact that he has kids who are working to achieve their dreams in football, he understands short term and long term needs of the players.

Together with RedOne and Saif Khayat, Sharif Higazy co-founded the RedOneSports Agency to ensure for the new generation of players a full package of services. Given the fact that Sharif has his own kids with the “football dream”, it came naturally that RedOne Sports agency developed the approach of family, with the unique concept of La Familia. Every player and their close ones (parents, spouse, kids) become a part of RedOneSports agency.